Who are we?

PipeSearch is a digital trading platform backed by centuries of combined industry experience and powered by the most comprehensive high alloy tubular database in the world. Our foundation is built on our industry expertise, supply and demand intelligence, proven quality procedures, and boots on the ground infrastructure with a global reach.
The platform is the culmination of passionate technologists and quality-driven industry professionals that want to change the way the world views surplus.
Our Vision
Become the world's most reliable and trusted source of quality surplus inventory.
Our Model
Our Team

What is PipeSearch?

What is PipeSearch, and why do we do what we do?
PipeSearch has dedicated extensive time and resources, with the help of industry experts and technology veterans, to develop a digital product that meets the wants and needs of those in the OCTG and Tubular markets. In collaboration with our family of companies, we have created software solutions that drive efficiency, sustainability, quality, and transparency in the trading of quality surplus and OCTG products.
We believe in changing the way the world views surplus, by implementing technology solutions to aid you in analysis, selection, order tracking, and fulfillment. View our Global Warehouse and get started with PipeSearch today!

PipeSearch: The Era of Modern Digital Trading

The Legacy Trading Model
What's wrong with doing things this way?
The value of quality OCTG surplus to both the seller and buyer is greatly diminished with the legacy trading model. This erosion in value is recognized through the multiple hands the surplus passes through on its way from inventory owner to the final end user.
This model is rooted in decades old and established channels where there is little to no room to negotiate. This is most often the model employed in a company's buying and selling of surplus inventory, as legacy processes and strategies are built around their historical availability and use.
The PipeSearch Way
Why Digital Trading?
PipeSearch is working to change the way the world views surplus!
Our unique trading model maximizes the value to both buyer and seller by operating in the full value chain. By connecting directly to the end user, we are able to increase recovery value for sellers that yields an average return of 40-60% of book value. This creative approach to surplus acquisition provides buyers access to the largest selection of quality surplus OCTG inventory in the world to meet their project requirements.
While our approach is unique, technology is what truly differentiates us. We rely heavily on data and analytics to drive decision making and promote truth. This helps us provide reliable and sustainable solutions for your surplus assets.
Let's find the inventory to meet your need!