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Access global inventory options across multiple supply sources while having a SINGLE partner owning the liability, reliability, and responsibility of meeting your requirements.

Here's How It Works

Our goal is to help save time, maximize efficiency, and drive success in your project. Our mission is to make it as easy as ordering pizza (almost).

Submit Items, Project Requirements, and Application Specs.
Receive Supply Options, Alternatives, Timing and Pricing.
Select material. Review PipeFacts certifications and T&Cs.
Order Management creates and executes your plan. Status updates at every step.

Submit Items & Inquiry Requirements

We combine vast access to supply with technical professionals and metallurgists that know pipe. We not only collect information about your requirement, but about your project, application, and goals to better serve you.


Receive Supply Options, Timing, and Pricing

PipeSearch combines multiple supply sources to offer the most competitive choices and deliver pricing as a function of timing. With each supply source, you receive a preliminary PipeFacts tier and detail sheet.


Select Material and Review T&Cs

We offer technical and commercial support through this process, and no detail excluded. We can cater each deal to an MSA if applicable.


Order Management Automation

We provide automation and status updates at every turn. Have questions to ask? You can find answers and updates from your dashboard, or connect directly with your order manager.

Business is Changing
No single supplier can meet the expectations of every tubular requirement, especially when dealing with a variety of technical products, changing timelines, and a complicated global web of mills, distributors, vendors, and customers further complicated by government regulations and trade alliances.

PipeSearch helps you navigate all of your options.

Compare material choices, technical feasibility, supply chain timing.


Direct access to global supply

Join the first digital platform to combine quality supply sources and technical knowhow to deliver tubular solutions.

A modern, streamlined experience to match job requirements with global supply.
Proven industry professionals to offer support through technical challenges.
Quality and reliability are in our fabric, and power PipeFacts certifications.
Global infrastructure to power business in all geo-markets.
Simple mission to make your life easier when it comes to pipe.
access to inventory on the ground
Your project needs matched.
Tell us about your project goals and what you need, and we will kick start the process of going to work for you.