Pipesearch For Sellers

Resources To Move Your Supply

PipeSearch offers supply owners a digital platform and boots on the ground infrastructure to gain the best possible return on your investment.

We assess your supply and documentation, identify historical and current demand data, and leverage modern tools to identify the best outcome for you.


We understand every supplier’s situation is different. PipeSearch provides flexible solutions based on your needs, goals, and timeline.


We understand the complexities of storing and maintaining pipe on the ground. Our partner Facilitators can help you reduce spend now, while getting your supply in front of applicable demand.


PipeSearch Facilitators perform a proprietary four-step asset certification process, PipeFacts, that helps buyers understand the value of your assets and its potential uses.

Here's How it Works

You submit an application for the items you're looking to move. Our Facilitators review the application, and get in touch with you to fill in any details. When you application is accepted, we offer multiple options aligned with your goals.

Submit Items and Documentation.
Application Undergoes Technical Review.
Receive Formal Proposal. See options below.
Select Preferred Outcome. And We Get To Work.
Start Your Application Now
Spend 5 minutes submitting your supply application and see what options you have to recover your investment. This process is built to maximize return.

Our Primary Solutions

We offer a number of options to align with your goals: Buy, Trade, Consign, Exclusive Marketing, and Intelligence


We buy your supply. Cash up front.

PipeSearch Facilitators have secured capital to buy aligned inventory. All offers are subject to our PipeFacts inspection, which we conduct quickly and at our own expense.


We take it from here.

Facilitators agree to store and maintain your material for a fee. PipeSearch holds the exclusive selling power of your item(s) and utilizes current and historical demand to determine sale estimates as a function of time.


Let's make a deal.

PipeSearch Facilitators are creative business professionals and acknowledge supply trades are sometimes in the best interest of all parties. All transactions are subject to a value assessment and inspection.

Exclusive Marketing

We'll find a buyer.

Similar to consignments, our exclusive marketing offers you a technology-empowered sales team to move your item(s). Under this agreement, the item(s) remains at your storage facility but requires an inspection for a PipeFacts QA/QC. We offer maintenance and storage protocols and best practices to keep your facility compliant with our high standards.

Custom Creative Option

One size does not fit all

We understand that every seller's situation is unique, and we are open to exploring any creative options that maximize value based on your scenario.

Supply Engine

We'll keep you in mind.

If the proposed options don't work for you, we can still help move your material. With your supply quantity(s), location(s), and target price(s), we can contact you when there is an aligned opportunity.


Your sales team for cra tubular

Leverage the first digital platform built on decades of industry experience.

A modern, data-driven approach to matching your supply with current or future demand.
Proven industry professionals to connect with your prospects.
Facilitator sales executed in 89 countries
Facilitators are approved vendors at major operators and service providers
Global infrastructure to power business in all geo-markets.
Quality Driven - Our Facilitators maintain the highest quality standards in the industry, powering the PipeFacts certification process.
Maximize Options for your Asset
Your sleeping stock, recycled.
We deliver expectations backed by data and realize returns based on quality.