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PipeSearch started with a technology mind that saw an opportunity to disrupt the tubular industry and a tubular industry expert that saw the value in bringing a digital platform to the space. The two realized the buying and selling of OCTG was generations behind other markets. There was real value to be had in bringing it online, supporting it with data and analytics, and ensuring confidence in material quality and reliability. From this passion for improvement, PipeSearch was born.

Today the team is comprised of knowledgeable industry veterans, talented technologists, and expert operations managers. Our team is dedicated to the construction of technology that will bring trust, transparency, efficiency, and communication to the surplus OCTG market.

Our goal at PipeSearch is to create the first digital global warehouse for buyers and sellers of OCTG to connect and transact with confidence. We believe bringing superior quality assurance, advanced data enrichment, and automated trend and market analysis to the transactions will benefit the tubular industry by providing a higher return for surplus owners and viable, compliant options for critical end-user requirements.

Meet the team working to make it all happen.

Cole Patchell

President & Co-Founder

Tommy Najar

Head of Business Development

Matt Pond

Chief Financial Officer

Tobin Cooper

Vice President - Technology

Tim Bickford

Vice President - Commercial

Justin Boone

Head of Operations

Justin Bouis

Head Strategic Partnerships

Jessica Assunto

Head Of Marketing

Briggs Thompson

General Manager & Co-Founder

Gerardo `Jerry` Garcia

Lead Backend Engineer

Tony Cook

Lead Frontend Engineer

Andrew Watkins

Backend Engineer

Amanda Padilla

Frontend Engineer

Radka Kluczkowska

Product Owner

Maciej Król

Software Architect

Bartosz Brzeziński

Senior Backend Engineer

Przemysław Lewicki

Senior Frontend Engineer

A Message From Our Founder
PipeSearch started with a single hypothesis: digital technology can benefit everyone within the steel pipe ecosystem. PipeSearch began attempting to connect supply and demand via a web platform instead of traditional channels. It was an underwhelming failure.
We listened to customers, found a strategic partner in CRA, and re-focussed on the missing piece of the equation: trust. PipeFacts was born to create trust by doing two things, identify every data point that can impact reliability, and deliver an impartial data profile for assets in the secondary market. We combined this effort with next-generation technology to better connect the industry to opportunity.
- Briggs Thompson


All through a single, secure cloud-based platform.

We provide tools and services to collect and manage supply and demand information at scale.
We expand partner sales by initiating new opportunities through both digital marketing and data driven targeting.
We digitally manage the sales process to create easiest start to finish experience for both facilitators and customers.
We provide our PipeFacts process to ensure quality and clarity of all items, ensuring customer success. 
We offer digital outlet for customers to move or find inventory.
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