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Build dependable technology that improves the lives of people working in and around the pipe industry.

PipeSearch is a cloud-based enterprise platform powered by the most comprehensive high alloy tubular database in the world. Our foundation combines supply and demand intelligence, proven quality procedures, and boots on the ground infrastructure with global reach.

The platform is the culmination of passionate technologists and quality-driven industry professionals that want to create the future of the pipe industry.

Our Core Values

Guide us to our vision of being the leading platform powering global tubular solutions


Our team, customers, and partners are why we are here. We believe being open and honest strengthens relationships, drives progress, and promotes success.


Continuous improvement is a foundation for how we live and work. We can always get better, whether it is improving a process, a relationship, technology implementation, or a habit - striving for improvement is a pillar in our philosophy.


Helping a colleague, customer, or community is what makes us human. We believe in business and life; we live to serve others.


The future is important in our business, our life, and the environment. We believe we have an obligation to build it right and pay it forward.


We fundamentally believe taking action promotes long term momentum of progress. We believe in taking action today. Not tomorrow.


We take the initiative to bring about positive results. Each of us significantly impacts our overall success and we take ownership of our actions.



All through a single, secure cloud-based platform.

We provide tools and services to collect and manage supply and demand information at scale.
We expand partner sales by initiating new opportunities through both digital marketing and data driven targeting.
We digitally manage the sales process to create easiest start to finish experience for both facilitators and customers.
We provide our PipeFacts process to ensure quality and clarity of all items, ensuring customer success. 
We offer digital outlet for customers to move or find inventory.
Market Data Delivered
Access to Active Supply and Demand.
Whether you have project needs or supply you want to move, we can help. Submit now.